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Visit our LINK ABOVE for instructions and the submission form needed to request a product review and safety validation.



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  • Lab Analysis for pH, water activity, and Brix of food and beverage products
  • Process Authority approval and Scheduled Process: Product Review, Documentation, and Process Validation
  • Resources for Nutrition Analysis, Co-packers, Packaging Suppliers, Shelf-Life Studies, and More!
  • Regulatory Compliance: Registration and Licensing with State and FDA agencies
  • Small Scale Food Entrepreneurship: A Technical Guide for Food Ventures
  • Better Process Control School: Necessary certification for Acidified and Low Acid Food manufacturers
  • Presentations and workshops: Interested? Contact Shannon Prozeller
Service New York State Business landeng破解版安卓版
lanter 专业版安卓破解版 $30 one time fee $55 one time fee
Laboratory Analysis Only $25 per sample/per test lan灯破解百度云
Analysis and Review Only $40 per product 蓝1灯破解版百度云
Scheduled Process $85 per product $150 per product
Scheduled Process version* $40 per product $75 per product
Scheduled Process for Meat $135 per product $220 per product
Scheduled Process Meat version* $65 per product $105 per product
Amendments lanter 专业版安卓破解版 lanter 专业版安卓破解版
Vacuum Pack Letter/Hazard Analysis $165 per product $250 per product
Heat Penetration Study $360 per product size $600 per product size
Classification/Shelf Life Letter $75 per product $115 per product

*Scheduled Process Versions are slight modifications to a formulation to create another product. Example: Mild Salsa and Hot Salsa

Our current turnaround time is about 4-6 weeks for processing. Expedited services are available for an additional fee upon request.


Updates regarding COVID-19
We are happy to announce that The Cornell Food Venture Center laboratory is RE-OPENING! CFVC will officially be accepting samples as of June 15th.

Cornell University is closely monitoring the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and has been taking proactive measures to prevent the spread of the virus.   The physical office of the Cornell Food Venture Center has been closed since mid-March and our services have been limited; however, our team has been working from remote locations throughout this time to continuously address industry food safety needs.  The university has now approved a plan for the Food Venture Center to open on a restrictive basis starting June 15th.   To ensure the health and safety of our staff, colleagues and community we will only be on-site to perform lab analyses; all other work will continue to operate from remote locations until further notice.  Again, we will be accepting new samples for lab analysis, however all in-person meetings and workshops are postponed until further notice.

Please refer to the IFS Website for up-to-date information.

Please stay safe, and we will continue to support you to the best of our ability.